this year too,,

This year also ends this month ,,

And it will be December of Heisei.

Next year will be over the year with a new year.


The item of the last month

British cruiser Exeter

It becomes the standard version.

The box size is the same size as the Japanese cruiser.

Somewhat, with a smooth fit.

If you do that like that ,,,

Although there is a place,

Let's connect next as a reflection point.


By the way, 

Bismarck pursuit fight

It is sold out.

It will not be reproduced either.

Minami Amida Buddha ,,

Minami Amida Buddha ,,,

It will be Buddhist.


In the UK,

British sailing ship on a sailing ship made by Imai

There is Sa – Winston Chapel.

It is a sail boat which got the name of Prime Minister.


Examining it, the mold was alive.

It has to be commercialized ,,,,,.


So, yet, still,

Britain is likely to continue.

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