Joshin Super Kids Land Osu Store · Sannomiya 1 Bunkan Exhibition Notice

Today we will have a sample exhibit of products released this month

It is an introduction of our store.



At Joshin Osu shop

Moving Background Movie, Battle of Leyte Ocean Battle is ExhibitingOtome Tokimeki

This video is in February this year

At the Wonder Festival in Makuhari Messe

I did an exhibition.


You can see the situation of naval battle from a game like viewpointsunglasses



In addition, Kimono of the ship NEXT series is used for animation

This month Nagato, the latest work of this NEXT series, is on sale.


Parts of prototype Nagato are also exhibited at Osu point.



Since we plan to display the animation until the beginning of the year

Please try going to see it as soon as possiblenote








It is Joshin Sannomiya 1 Bunkan.


In the car NEXT series, in August Alphard,

Velphire's white pearl crystal shine in October

Just released

In December of this month FJ Cruiser is on sale.


At Sannomiya store we are displaying a lot of finished products of the same serieslove

This series uses pre-colored color plastic.

In addition, the product is multicolor molding, it can be assembled without painting.


Beautiful brilliant body reproduced without painting at store front by all means Glittertoo

Please see it.




So again next time!

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