Hello The end of the year is very close… This was a very diferent year and before the year finish I will like to present the Carthago War Elephant in 75mm.

This is a LIMITED EDITION of 180 pieces. I will start shipping them in the end of January of 2019. I advise people to reserve it, because just a few left and this is a unique piece… In my opinion of course… I know Im suspecious… LOL…

I just want to say THANK YOU to all of you… Your support and believes are AMAZING… Sometimes to word thank you is empty and poor to express to way that you love RPmodels… Do way that you have care me and Nuno… Its AMAZING…

If you need something please let me know… You can contact me via email, to sales@rpmodels.pt or rpmodels.pt@gmail.com

Thank you so much.
With best regards
Hugo Pereira

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