Well hey hey hey…. Just finished this artwork for our upcoming F-15E Maximum Effort Eagles in 48th scale

I'll be doing a final proofing of this sheet and then get to work on the 72nd and 32nd scale versions. Not much longer and these will be going to print!

So some details to be aware of:
– There are enough markings for 15 jets and you have enough stencils to make 2 total aircraft
– The stencils come in 2 sizes so you can utilize either the Revellogram kit or the new GWH kit.
– These decals will be printed by Cartograf specifically so we can get this nose art recreated using the 4-Color process they use over there.

This isn't our first foray into using Cartograf. They've printed my artwork before for various kit decals that I've drawn in the past. The nose art here though will really "pop" using their 4-color print capabilities. I've been loyal to Microscale since the beginning but they simply do not have the ability to recreate this nose art in-house so there you go…

More news as it happens but here you go fellas. Start stocking up your kits and aftermarket goodies! Man these are gonna be so awesome in 32nd scale!

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