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Britten Norman BN-2/BN-2A Islander
Valom, 1/48
Marking for BN-2 Islander: G-BOMG (Scotland´s Airline), G-BDLV (British Airways), G-AVCN, G-BCEN (Coast Guard)
Israel (White 002 and 004) and next kit: Belgian BN-2, Danish Air Force Home Guard, (+Italy)



New shipment New product ~ NX Hiei special specification · Tsugaru · Wheel Watanabe shallow rim / For racing ~

I will introduce the new products shipped today ☆ * ~ ゚ ⌒ (‘-‘ *) ⌒ ゚ ~ * ☆ ufuf ♪


1/700 NX 6 EX – 1 Japan Navy Battleship Hiei Special Specification (with Etching Parts)

From a practice battleship to a fast battleship!

The third Solomon naval battle, last appearancePlease

To those who are not satisfied with the finish as it is,

Also aiming for more detail,

For those who want to pursue delicate expressions that can not be expressed at Plakit

Etching is also available! (o ^ ∇ ^ o) ノ


1/700 Special 49 Japan Navy Laying Ship Tsugaru Showa 16 / Showa 19

The Japanese Navy ‘s first large – scale laying ship, Okinoshima – type quasi – syngroic ship Tsugaru.

In the Showa 16 at the completion time, it is a selection formula of the Showa era strengthened against the aircraft | * ¯ ∇ ¯ | Nyat



Detail up parts suitable for dressing up car models and custom.

1/24 scale 15 inch set of wheels and tires.


down down down

1/24 W4 RS Wattanabe shallow rim 15 inches

Wheel is 8 spokes, shallow rim width “shallow rim” type ヾ (* Φ ω Φ) n



8 / spoke wheel for 1/24 W5 racing 15 inches

8 spokes, race specification “RS Watanabe Wheel” type v (¯ ー ¯) v


Please do try it by all meansChu