Destroyer Akizuki / First Month praised under development! !

It has become much colder.

I grew up in Shizuoka prefecture and grew up, I am not good at winter.

Tension rises on snow rarely fell, but I do not want to be coldStubborn

Snow ,,, Yuki Wind ,,, Destroyer ,,, Akizuki! ! ! (Impossible rinse)


Coming soon “1/700 Japanese Navy Akizuki Type Destroyer Akizuki / First Month Showa 19 / Operation of Kuichi”

We are currently praising the development!

Products are two sets of Akizuki and the first monthnote

From the prototype, introduce the points of this product !


boat The bridge window has been cleared from gray molding so far, and it is real. 

It expresses the height difference which became the staircase shape of the window surely

boat The actual height is different between Rajin Bridge and Signal Deck.

Although it tends to be overlooked on 1/700 scale, this product is reproduced.

 The inside of the bridge and the floor of the air defense command place are on the grating floor.

The shape of the air defense commander’s ground is convex, steps due to thickness also reveal amazing!

The wing shape difference is another part and it is the definitive version of the autumn moon type!

boat Please try to interfere with the recorded pictures taken by the US military in September 1972To give away

The port linoleum reaches near the front of the torpedo launch tube.

The autumn moon type so far correctly reproduced this position for some reason is few,

Ship NEXT express designs on actual ship by real research!

boat In the last last figure sunk with Rizukuri in both Akizuki and the beginning of the month, No. 21 Electrical Discovery Equipment.

An electricity detection room (shaped from the first month drawing) is set on the back of the bridge, and a vegetable storage boxCarrots

Vegetable boxes are molded to ventilation grilleGrin

Describing the name up to the detailed parts in this manual, may you know the identity of the mysterious accessories? !

boat Since the number of parts is small, it can be assembled crisply.

A chimney divided in left and right. Looking closely, there are two passages that pass through and out on both sides.

It seems there was a warehouse next to the aisle!  !!  !

The torpedo carrying rail was made in Akizuki and the first month, so the handling was different so we made each part part and the shape of the machine gun stand separately and reproduced.

boat There is this gun seat and a poppy mold. This is not a mold mistake.

There was a discharge hole to throw down the 25 millimeter gun cartridge after shooting downwards, so I used the expression.

I’m going to do so far …, while threateningTo give awayTo give away

boat “Main gun” Existing special series Akizuki’s design did not follow, it was designed from a blank sheet.

The turret is engraved on all six sides. Gun barrel express muzzle. It is a specification that adopted slide mold luxuriously!

boat Complex molding masts are made by combining several parts.

The surface of No. 21 electric search is framed and the back side is a three-dimensional finish with the arrangement where the Nishiki line up.

boat The chimney of the cooking chopstead on the port is different in height and line running in the autumn moon and the beginning month

We prepare different parts and we have a delicate thickness than the same chimney expression so far.

Please compare with gun barrel.

This is wholesome, the point of commitment is packed! !

Release is coming soon! !


Oh, and now it is a lucky bag that is currently accepting reservations ,

There are postings of additional items soon ,,,!  What?

We have kept you waiting.

I will show you on this blog again once it is posted!

Please waitA lol