1/48 F-15J Air Self Defense Force Technical Competition 2013 DX (SNG 03 DX)-Release Date January 2019

We bundled etching parts, additional weapon parts and a new addition decal to SNG 03 “F – 15 J Air Self Defense Force Technical Competition 2013”.

· New addition decal: AAM-4, AAM-5 missile caution mark · belt, the 20th squadron high visibility which transferred to the 9th flight team of Naha base in 2016 and the eagle mane number became 9 · Bonus entrance of the low visibility mark and the 304 squadron Lobidge mark.

· 2 detachable engine parts included 
· decal attached: pirate bear (832, 895) marking at the time of participation in the 2013 Air Canada Battle Technical Competition of the 203rd Squadron marking, 204 squadron of normal painting Naha Base 919 Unit, 203 Squadron Chitose Base Other than the No. 894 aircraft, marks of all troops belonging (around 2009 – 15). 
· AIM-7 sparrows air-to-air missile, 90 type air-to-air guided aircraft AAM-3 × each with 4,600 gallon augmentation tank × 3 
· attached etching parts Contents: nose blade antenna, pitot tube, engine rear holder , Seat belt, front leg cord, main leg brake pipe, rear body inlet, rear mirror, foot pedal (same as those included in SNG 03 E) 
· Additional weapon: 99 type air-to-air guided bomb (AAM – 4) 04 type air-to-air guided bomb (AAM – 5), AN / ALQ – 131 ECM pod, ASQ – T – 34 ACT – R pod (same as those shipped with SNG 03 SP)

· Total length: approx. 405 mm 
· 1 machine

[Image is an ordinary product assembled and painted]

· Package size: 28 × 42 × 10 
· Weight: 1220 g

Body price: 11,800 yen
JAN code: 4986470062563
Shipment schedule in January 2019

NEW Tools FROM Tamiya

Tamiya Craft Tools Series no.146
Needle Nose W/Cutter II
Item No: 74146

Needle nose pliers for use on R/C, static model products and more, with long, slimline jaws providing superb grip. ★The pliers can be used as one would tweezers, and are also suitable for bending and cutting materials such as brass wire. ★Jaws are treated chromium-vanadium steel.

Tamiya Craft Tools Series no.147
Fine Engraving Blade 0.4mm
Item No: 74147

This is a precision blade for engraving plastic models, offering an exacting finish and superb durability. ★Use it to engrave new details or emphasize existing ones. ★Includes one engraving blade of 0.4mm. ★The case can be used to store up to 10 blades. Cut out a section of the packaging for easy color-coded storage (corresponding color is marked on each blade).


Recommended for use with Item 74139 Engraving Blade Holder.

Comes with a case that can hold up to 10 blades. Cut out chart from packaging for easy differentiation

Pull the blade lightly towards yourself for optimal results – no need to push down!

Original Goods
Tamiya Maintenance Tray (KTC)
Item No: 67416

This is a collaboration between Tamiya and Japanese tool manufacturer KTC. ★The lightweight aluminum tray will make the perfect receptacle for screws and the like as you assemble or work on your R/C or other models. ★Features the Tamiya and KTC logos laser-engraved on the face. ★Matte finish gives a classy appearance. ★Dimensions (approx.): 210mm x 150mm x 30mm.

Original Goods
Tamiya Multi-Purpose Furoshiki Cloth (MM 50th Anniversary, 90cm)
Item No: 67430

The Japanese furoshiki is a versatile cloth that can be used in a multitude of everyday tasks depending upon how it is folded and tied. ★This is a special Tamiya design commemorating 50 years of the famous 1/35 Military Miniature Series: The cloth is royal blue, and dotted with silhouettes of famous members of the series in white. ★100% cotton. ★90cm x 90cm


Tamiya 63693 60 Years of Japanese Plastic Models Book

All records of 60 years since the birth of a domestic plastic model

Since 60 years since the birth of a plastic model in Japan, it is 60 years in 2018. In this book, from the nostalgic plastic model that former boys became crazy such as zero fighting, battleship Yamato, panther tank, slot car, etc. Also introducing items such as character models and mini 4WD which are increasingly gaining momentum in recent years . From the Showa era, we are explaining the plastic model which passed through Heisei carefully along the time series from the aspect of industrial history and cultural history. Also, since many pictures of the models that appear are posted, it may raise their voice without thinking “This is something I made!” In addition, long interview of Tamaki Tamiya chairman is also included. I will tell you about the history of Tamiya up to now and future plastic models. At the end of the book a detailed chronology entitled “Japan’s Plastic Model History Timeline” is also posted. It is a book deepening the interest in the plastic model.

NEW FROM F-toys ON 1/1250

1/1250 Working ship kits collection 5 Maritime Self Defense Force Sasebo Base


Scheduled to be released February 4, 2019

Semi-painted assembly kit

Code: 4582138603750

Working ship series of 1/1250 scale. 
This time, “Akebono” belonging to the 5th escort team of the 1st Escort group, Sasebo base at the Maritime Self Defense Force as its hometown, and “Akibo” belonging to the Eighth Escort Guard of the 4th Escort Corps County, “Kimome” “Shitsuki” “1/1250 Working Navy Kit Collection 5 Maritime Self Defense Force Sasebo Base” which launched the five ship of “Chowkai” appeared! 

【A】 Furuharu ver. 

DDG 176 DD104 
with display pedestal 

DD104 Kirisame 
Display stand with 

DD117 Snowskin 
display stand 

DDG 172 Shinkaku with 
display pedestal 

DD108 with 
display stand for display Akebono Exhibition seat 


Oceanographic ver. DDG 176 Cha-no 
wave type base with 

DD104 drizzle 
wave-type base with 

DD117 Suzutsuki 
wave-type base with 

DDG172 Shimakaze 
seawall parts with 

DD108 Akebono 
seawall parts with 

■ content confectionery gum 1 grain 

and a half painted assembly kit 
■ 1 or 570 yen (excluding tax) 
■ 1Box Ten pieces
※ Blind Package Specifications (I do not know which type is in the box) 
■ BOX Price 5,700 yen (excluding tax) 
■ 1 case (c / s): 8 Box 
Included ■ Case Price 45,600 yen (excluding tax)




Wing kit collection VS 10 1/144

Product name

 Wing kit collection VS 10

Release date

 December 17, 2018: Japan (excluding Okinawa)

■ Price

 500 yen (tax excluded)

■ kind

 All 9 types + ??

Please purchase at supermarkets (confectionery sales floor), home appliance mass merchandisers (toy shops), hobby shops, model shops, specialty shops and so on.

1 fuselage set + 1 instruction manual + 1 mint gum


1/72 Full Action Spitfire Mk.9


Product features


Scheduled to be released February 18, 2019

1/72 scale semi-painted assembly kit

Code: 4582138603767

Spritfire Mk.9, a name fighter representing the UK in the second phase of the 1/72 full action series, will appear in the 2nd World WW! Also 
this time, the engine, cockpit and each machine gun are reproduced in detail and the charm of full action You can fully enjoy it. 

Major features

  • Reproduce the internal details of engines, machine guns, etc.
  • Canopy slide opening and closing
  • Elevator rudder
  • Ailer movable
  • Main leg cover opening / closing movable
  • Five types of aircraft can be reproduced with a decal

■ Contents Confectionary gum 1 particle 
1/72 scale semi-painted set kit 
■ 1 piece 1000 yen (excluding tax) ■ 1 Box 
5 pieces 
■ BOX price 5000 yen (excluding tax) 
■ 1 case (c / s): with 8 Box 
■ case Price 40,000 yen (excluding tax)