1/72 Full Action Spitfire Mk.9


Product features


Scheduled to be released February 18, 2019

1/72 scale semi-painted assembly kit

Code: 4582138603767

Spritfire Mk.9, a name fighter representing the UK in the second phase of the 1/72 full action series, will appear in the 2nd World WW! Also 
this time, the engine, cockpit and each machine gun are reproduced in detail and the charm of full action You can fully enjoy it. 

Major features

  • Reproduce the internal details of engines, machine guns, etc.
  • Canopy slide opening and closing
  • Elevator rudder
  • Ailer movable
  • Main leg cover opening / closing movable
  • Five types of aircraft can be reproduced with a decal

■ Contents Confectionary gum 1 particle 
1/72 scale semi-painted set kit 
■ 1 piece 1000 yen (excluding tax) ■ 1 Box 
5 pieces 
■ BOX price 5000 yen (excluding tax) 
■ 1 case (c / s): with 8 Box 
■ case Price 40,000 yen (excluding tax)


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