NEW Tools FROM Tamiya

Tamiya Craft Tools Series no.146
Needle Nose W/Cutter II
Item No: 74146

Needle nose pliers for use on R/C, static model products and more, with long, slimline jaws providing superb grip. ★The pliers can be used as one would tweezers, and are also suitable for bending and cutting materials such as brass wire. ★Jaws are treated chromium-vanadium steel.

Tamiya Craft Tools Series no.147
Fine Engraving Blade 0.4mm
Item No: 74147

This is a precision blade for engraving plastic models, offering an exacting finish and superb durability. ★Use it to engrave new details or emphasize existing ones. ★Includes one engraving blade of 0.4mm. ★The case can be used to store up to 10 blades. Cut out a section of the packaging for easy color-coded storage (corresponding color is marked on each blade).


Recommended for use with Item 74139 Engraving Blade Holder.

Comes with a case that can hold up to 10 blades. Cut out chart from packaging for easy differentiation

Pull the blade lightly towards yourself for optimal results – no need to push down!

Original Goods
Tamiya Maintenance Tray (KTC)
Item No: 67416

This is a collaboration between Tamiya and Japanese tool manufacturer KTC. ★The lightweight aluminum tray will make the perfect receptacle for screws and the like as you assemble or work on your R/C or other models. ★Features the Tamiya and KTC logos laser-engraved on the face. ★Matte finish gives a classy appearance. ★Dimensions (approx.): 210mm x 150mm x 30mm.

Original Goods
Tamiya Multi-Purpose Furoshiki Cloth (MM 50th Anniversary, 90cm)
Item No: 67430

The Japanese furoshiki is a versatile cloth that can be used in a multitude of everyday tasks depending upon how it is folded and tied. ★This is a special Tamiya design commemorating 50 years of the famous 1/35 Military Miniature Series: The cloth is royal blue, and dotted with silhouettes of famous members of the series in white. ★100% cotton. ★90cm x 90cm


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