pit-road Scheduled to ship on December 18/19

1/700 Japan Navy Battleship Yamato Commissioner (W 215).

Continuing from the last time of battleship Yamato, we will commercialize the completion of December 1941. Although the basic shape does not change, the characteristics at the time of completion of the hull, bridge back, mast etc. before closing the porthole are precisely reproduced. In addition to three 3 – unit main guns, please enjoy the original appearance of a heavily armed battleship Yamato equipped with a total of 4 15.5 cm triple cannon cannons around the bridge bridge and the deck center side as well.

· 1/700 scale model 
· offshore / full hull model can be selected 
· newly produced state before harbor closure for commissioning 
· Characteristic intake vent under 5 and 6 high angle gun and porthole of side wall of bridge structure Also recreated for commissioning 
· Characteristic bridge mast and jib crane mast reproduce the state at the time of commissioning 
· 15 m range crown of bridge bridge top reproduced in hood 
· decorative stand for full hull model 
· 0 type water surface observation machine , 1 Type 0 water pollution aircraft with 1 machine 
· 1 entrance 
· Total length: about 376 mm

【New Mold New Product】
※ The image is assembled and painted.

1/700 Japan Navy Battleship Yamato Commissioning Genuine Grade Up Parts Set (GB 7017)


It is a content of fulfilling parts that can further upgrade the plastic model. Besides two etched parts, a metallic barrel barrel and a wooden deck seal are included.

· Etching Part Description: 
Handrail, Rattar, Hoser Reel, Boat Davit, Hatch, Door, Crane, 
Catapult, Funnel Cap, Jack Stay, Trolley, Impact Angle Restriction Device and others. 
· Etched parts 2 pieces + wooden deck + metal barrel barrel (9 main barrels + 12 sub barrels) 
· Enter into one ship 
· Design & Production: Tetra model

[The image wooden deck is for W200. Wooden deck designed exclusively for W 215 will be shipped in actual products]

Package size: 31 × 16 × 1 
Weight: 66 g

“Fleet Kosushon – Ship this -” with Fairy and 25 mm triple gun gun (PD 85)

Three-dimensional 25-mm triple gun fairy of aircraft reinforcement equipment for ship girls! 
1/35 scale Japan Navy Ninety-six Equation 25 mm Three consecutive machine guns in plastic model, one fairy figure painted finished product is attached.

Product specifications 
· 25 mm triple gun machine: plastic assembly kit Total length: approx. 74 mm 1 entering 
· Fairy figure: PVC painted finished product total height: approx 63 mm

※ The image is a prototype. (The machine gun body is assembled and painted.) 

Scheduled for shipment in December 2018 
Body price: 4,800 yen 
JAN code: 4986470020013


Maritime Self Defense Force Ship Equipment Set 1 (NE 10)

Equipment of the Maritime Self Defense Force will be added to the 1/700 scale New · Ship Equipment Set. It is a parts set that can be widely used for recent escort ships such as Konjo type, Hokkaido type, Murasame type, Takanami type, Rabbit type and so on.

· 1/700 scale plastic model

Part content Contents 
127 mm cannon, 76 mm cannon, 90 type ship vs. navigation guard, phalanx A / B, SeaRAM, projection type stationary jammer, 3 consecutive small torpedo launcher tube, compound boat, new 7.9 m internal boat, OPS-18-3 Water radar and various radars, various ECM, shooting command apparatus, various satellite communication antennas, inflatable life-saving raft, raft rack, etc.

【Complete New Gold Type New Product】
※ The image is development 3D. It may differ from the actual product.

Scheduled to be shipped in December 2018 
JAN Code: 4986470019796 
Body Price: 2,000 yen