NEW FROM acemodel 1/72 72424 Centauro B1T Station Wagon

The Chentauro B1T is an Italian heavy-weapon combat vehicle, often also classified as a tank destroyer. Created by Iveco FIAT Oto Melara by order of the Army of Italy. The main gun is a 105-mm rifled gun Otobreda (barrel length 52 caliber) for all types of NATO shots for guns L7 and M68. For patrol purposes, a modification of the B1T was released with an elongated body for 4 paratroopers.

new FROM DRAGON ON 1/35 DR6870 Dragon special item

Limited sales only for Hobby College in Japan . 

DR6870 97 received popularity as a new product of the whole body of Dragon Based on the formula tank chiha, 
the special part which reproduced the new turret of the ninety-seven-type tank refurbishment which was not in the dragon product so far, and 
the It is a special kit containing newly created turret ring, etched parts etc.

It is a plastic model assembly kit which reproduced Japan ‘s nineteenth-century medium tank rehabilitation on 1/35 scale which was picked up in China after World War II, and operated by the People’s Liberation Army of China.

【About actual vehicle】 The
Chinese People’s Liberation Army led by the Chinese Communist Party was founded in 1927.
During the Sino-Japanese War era, we will fight Japan with Chiang Kai-shek’s army led by Chiang Kai-shek, but then it will become a virtual civil war situation deeply.
At that time, the tank which was active as a vehicle of the People’s Liberation Army is the legitimate issue.

This tank was one of the one that captured the vehicle deployed and operated by the Japanese army during the Sino-Japanese War.
After the end of the Second World War in 1954, the People’s Liberation Army of China obtained this at the Kwantung Armory tank repair shop of Fengtian.
The vehicle that caught here was deployed as equipment of the People’s Liberation Army, but the tank that the People’s Liberation Army first installed is this tank type reform in 1997.

The civil war is also in the latter period, the People’s Liberation Army puts Manchuria in hand at the Liaoning Shenyang Campaign in 1948 set against the KMT Army.
In the battle of Jinju in this battle, People’s Liberation Army ‘s Ninety – seven Type Tank showed an active part in breaking through the KMT army which protects Jinju by just one.
With this activity, given the name of the issue number, in the parade at Tiananmen Square after the founding declaration made on October 1, 1949, it runs at the head of armored vehicles.
After retirement, its achievements are praised for exhibition at the People’s Liberation Army military museum until now.

【About the model】 The
model is a plastic model assembly kit that reproduces the legitimacy number known as the first tank deployed by People’s Liberation Army of People’s Republic of China.
The model of the characteristic car body shape and turret shape of the Japanese Army ‘s 1997 formula middle tank reform that became the base is modeled accurately.
The total length of the finish is about 160 mm. I express the bolt pattern which is seen in each part of the car body and turret securely and delicately delicate delicate style and weapons detail.
Extended front fender which is characteristic of car body is prepared with etching parts. The shape is also reproduced firmly, just fold it and attach it to the car body. You can taste the unique style unique to the issue.
It also reproduces the mechanism of the characteristic looping of the ninety-seven-type tank. We adopt a partially integrated assembly type neo · track which can reproduce realistic weight feeling easily in assembly in the crawler. The natural slack of the upper track also enhances the finish atmosphere.
Set the mesh etched parts on top of the car body and muffler cover. Increase the feeling with a delicate finish of in-car tools and others.
Decal prepares the letters of the artistic works drawn on the car body and of course the mark of the red star of the People’s Liberation Army. The magical issue of keeping the figure in a mysterious fate and keeping its appearance now can be said to be an item not to be missed in the military fan collection.

Package size: 245 x 380 x 70 mm