New product package in January 2019!

Last time, unpublished new product in January 2019,

I got a wonderful illustration of 1/76 Soviet tank KV – 1.

And the package was completed.A lol

1/76 Special World Armor Series No. 30 Soviet Tank KV – 1


I report with 1/76 Soviet destroyer tank SU – 85 package





Also, the package of Isuzu Gala, also released in January

Since it was completed

We will also post it.

White body Isuzu Gala Super High-Decker appeared on 1/32 scale. 
The shape of the window glass adopted a sliding window (T-shaped window)! ! 
□ Since the car body is molded in white, it has become a part composition that is useful when applying painting and marking. 
□ Clear parts for brakes and blinkers use colored resin and have become molded parts of clear red and clear orange. 
□ Spare tire tire is realistically reproduced with rubber molded parts. 
□ Wheels, exhaust pipes (mufflers), headlights, mirror are plated with gloss. 
□ Window frame paint assistant masking seal is included. 
□ Decals contain instruments, emblems, body parts and other markings. 

1/32 Tour Bus Sequence No.3 Isuzu Gala Super High Decker

Coming soon!

Please look forward to it.



At your convenience 

To deliver better things

Initially it was scheduled for 17th, the 26th schedule after the change and the shipping date fluctuated

December 2018 New product 

1/200 Equipment series Although battleship Yamato's bridge is a bridge ,

December 25 (Tuesday) We have made arrangements for shipment of our company .

I am sorry really for your concern,

As you wait for a while

Thank you.

Collecting equipment series No.2 1/200 Battleship Yamato bridge

(The picture is assembled and painted.)

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