1/72 Military Model Kit No.14 Ground Self Defense Force 10 type tank-Scheduled to be released in January 2019

Also in mid December ,,

It is getting fewer this year.

This year's work is next year's product development

It is becoming ,,,


Well, next January released

It is 1/72 10 type tank.

Box picture

10 type tank sold separately release !!

We decided to release the long-awaited 10 type tank alone. Adding new parts, the forward leaning state can be reproduced. In addition, by rearranging the height adjustment parts, it is possible to reproduce the body inclination to the left and right. It is a product that makes use of the characteristic gimmick of 10 type tank.

  • Precise reproduction of 10 type tank
  • Caterpillar is a selection formula for running state, low attitude state, forward tilted posture state
  • Turret rotation, gun barrel movable



Normal running state and

It is installed in the trailer

The state where the car height is lowered ,,

Up to this point, the same as the trailer set ,,,


Add parts ,,,


It is now possible to reproduce the forward tilt state.


The greatest attraction of this tank is here.



It has etching.

What is attached to the trailer


There are parts that make a new creation.


Just make it just molded

Wish you a lucky day ,,,



Cost, cost and development

To put pressure

Recently ,,,

Cost cutter

Cost Breaker -"

It has become.




"Bohemian Rhapsody"

It will increase every time I follow the week

Having become a big hit ,,,

Good ones are good.


This month my mentor Remi –

The anniversary comes closer.


Live movies

"Clean Your Clock"

It began.

I would like to have a screening in Shizuoka .


If possible, at a live venue rather than a theater,

A chair interior !!

It should be possible!


The venue of Tokyo and Nagoya

Even in Shizuoka , if you connect the line

I think I can watch live, but ….

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