NEW FROM zoukeimura 1/32 SWS NO.13

The first kit provides the opportunity to replicate the “Tei” & “Hei/Tei Tai-Atari” aircraft! Japanese-aircraft fans can enjoy choosing the equipment & recreating the airplane!

The shape of the aircraft, outlined in beautiful curves, is faithfully reproduced!! The nose, canopy area, and twisted-like surface of the fuselage, is a true masterpiece!

Through assembly, you can study the method of suspension of the upward-aimed Ho-5 cannon and the mechanism behind its ammunition supply and discharge!

SCALE 1/32

MODEL Plastic Model Kit
(including 2-color molded parts, clear and grey)

*Choose between assembling the Ki-45 Kai Tei (late production type) or the Ki-45 Kai Hei, Tei (Tai-Atari Special Attack Aircraft)

PARTS Total Parts: 560

Decals1 Sheet

ReleaseDecember 22, 2018

Price13000 JPY (+fee)

NEW FROM Arctic Decals

Hi again! Another new mask/chrome frames set is also available now; ARC72-FR15 for RS Models’ Caudron Goeland kit.


Good morning folks! Some of you may have a Broplan’s vacuform 1/72 scale Savoia Marchetti SM.75 or SM.87 model. Now available is a set (ARC72-FR14) of self-adhesive vinyl painting masks and chrome-plated window frames for those models.


Arctic Decals is a small ”one-man-band” waterslide decal producer, with the focus mainly on obscure, out-of-mainstream civil aircraft subjects.

Because of very small print runs, decals are printed with a laser printer, UV-ink printer or an ALPS printer. The process depends on the colours and quantity of the sets required. Arctic Decals also produces occasionally bespoke ‘custom’ decals for those who need unique decals. It is also possible to order decals of our range printed in other scales.

Many of the decal sets also include pre-cut self-adhesive vinyl or Kabuki (that yellow ”Tamiya”-tape type) painting masks.



**Highly recommended**

Thank you for your application ☆ 1/24 YN86 Hilux New Old School ’95+Toyota VZN 130 G  Hilux Surf SSR-X wide body ’91

It is a set sample gift campaign that I did last week, but I received many entries this time as well. Thank you very much. We do a lottery at the end of the week and we have shipped the winners by Wednesday, 19th, so I think that it has arrived soon. Those who won the prize may be surprised that the delivered items are too shabby, but the set sample is such a thing.

And, since various messages are attached to the comment of the application, I think that I want to do things like Q & A somewhere. 
Also, those who applied but now have no absentee votes will be defeated by regret. If you have the next opportunity, we are waiting for your application again. Thank you very much.


So, with regard to new products sold in January next year, introduce what we finished preparations to date –

The ☆ model car No. 104 
1/24 Toyota VZN 130 G 
Hilux Surf SSR-X wide body ’91

First of all, package


Mask seal

Prototype finished product



It is like this. 
As usual long product name Sumimasen … Taller
so-called 80 series Hilux, surfing is N130 series …

However, I think that this generation is still very popular and it is a big deal. Even Aoshima sells in various variations, this time it is surf. Although packages and prototype finished products are in the late stage, since the face and the wheel etc. of the former term are included in the kit, it will be the selection formula of the latter half term. And ski racks, grill guards, extra large wheels such as large fogs enter plenty. 
Since commercialization as a surf will be the first time in a long time, please purchase on this occasion.



So this is another hilux ~Glitter



The ☆ Tune car No. 59 
1/24 YN86 Hilux New Old School ’95

First of all, package


Mask seal

Prototype finished product


It is like this. 
As this Hilux has already reproduced specifications with hands of both Ach and Cotch, I had a hard time trying to overlook the original model … So for this reason ASEASE
the work of incorporating the ☆ Tuned Car this time is a new genius I tried hard with almost throwing you nearly. Gennai would have been seriously caught between a person who originally raised this hilux and me, but that is also within training. 
I would like you to keep up with the pressure.

We are planning to ship the 2 units we introduced this time in mid January. If you do not have a reservation please go out to the nearby plastic model shop.
Let’s meet at the hillside building of the mountain tomorrow ~

So this week this is the end.

See you next Frida

Time is gone so fast. I still remember we have posted a Lancaster box art as Christmas card that caused some issue

We are apologized and sorry. For the Christmas card for 2018, we still using Lancaster as our Santa Claus, sending our best wish, tons of love and thanks to all of you. I wish everyone have Merry Christmas, and happy modelling.
Once again thank you so much for your support HKM and hobby industries.48976760_2170866553162958_1386068504280563712_n