pit-road December 21 shipment 3 NEW KITS ON 1/700

1/700 US Navy Battleship West Virginia 1945 (W204)

The Colorado class to which this ship belongs was a planned ship of 1916 and four identical-type ship were planned as improved type of preclass Tennessee class, but Japanese Navy Nagato type installed with 16 inch (406 mm) gun mounted Although it was done, it was commissioned in 1923 as a ship of the first battleship ship of the US battleship 16 inch gun. However, the West Virginia was damaged to such an extent as to be wrecked by the Japanese Pearl Harbor attack and was renovated on the mainland, so the appearance of this warship is completely renewed. The hull amplified the bulge, all the upper structure was removed, the tower type bridge was newly established, the chimney was also unitized, and the appearance with the rear mast was renewed. At the same time the arms were also reconsidered and the anti-aircraft firearms are being redesigned into 8 new 12.7 cm guns, 10 40 mm 4 consecutive machine guns, and many Oerlikon 20 mm single machine guns. This renovation took three years and it was 1944 that this ship returned to the Pacific Fleet, but the Leyte landing strategy, the Sligao Straits night battle, the Mindoro operation, Iwo Jima and Okinawa We participated in landing assistance etc. to the. In April 1945, a special machine was hit, but the damage was minor because the bomb was unexploded. He arrived in Tokyo Bay in August after the end of the war and also attended the signing ceremony of the surrender sentence on September 2, so it is a ship that unexpectedly saw the beginning and the end of the Pacific War.
The kit reproduces the appearance after amplifying the hull bulge, building a new tower bridge, and changing the chimney as a single unit.

· 1/700 scale model
· offshore / full hull model selectable
· 2 OS 2 U King Fisher observation machine
· with etching parts such as cranes, catapults
· 1 entering
· total length: about 272 mm

1/700 WWII British Navy Battleship Burum 1941 (W 220)

The first refurbishment of the Queen Elizabeth class battleships took place around 1924 and “Buram” was renovated in October 1933, the last of the same class. After that, other isoforms were subjected to a second refurbishment, but “Buram” came into World War II without the opportunity. And in November 1941, currently operating in the Mediterranean Fleet, it was sunk by a lightning strike by the German Submarine U331.
The kit modeled the final appearance of “Buram” different from the same type ship. Funnel cap and catapult were reproduced with etching parts.

· 1/700 scale model
· offshore / full hull model selectable
· funnel cap, with catapult etching parts
· warlass reconnaissance machine × 1 machine included
· 1
bottle included · total length: about 281 mm

※ The image is assembled and painted.

Shipment on December 21, 2018
Main unit price: 5,200 yen
JAN code: 4986470019857

1/700 WWII British Navy Cruiser Battlecourse Renown 1945 (W221)

The “Renown” completed in 1916 was first renovated mainly in the addition of armor from 1923 to 26. After that, the second refurbishment was carried out from 1936, further reinforcement of defense power, the exchange of institutions, the use of secondary guns, and also the superstructure was remodeled considerably Particularly, the bridge is a tower similar to the King George class It has been redesigned into a thing. As a result, the second ship “Repulse” transformed into a completely different modern appearance, playing an active role until the end of the war, mainly on the fleet escort. 
After repairing the modernization to the tower type bridge, the kit reproduces the time of 1945 when the catapult was lost, renovation to the boat deck, and further augmentation of air resistance were carried out.

· 1/700 scale model 
· offshore / full hull model selectable 
· Warras reconnaissance machine × 1 machine included 
· 1 vessel included 
· total length: about 346 mm

Shipment on December 21, 2018 
Main unit price: 5,200 yen 
JAN code: 4986470019871


NEW FROM Dragon Models-IDF M60 w/Dozer Blade 1/35

EAN-13 BARCODE: 0089195835826
SCALE: 1:35
ANNOUNCED ON: 12/21/2018
EST ARRIVAL: March 2019







Dragon’s latest IDF item is a 1/35 scale plastic kit of an M60 tank fitted with an M9 dozer blade. The kit uses the previously released and very popular IDF Magach 6 tank, to which an M9 dozer blade has been installed. This tank also features Blazer add-on explosive reactive armor (ERA). With a dozer blade fitted, such vehicles were very useful whenever obstacles needed to be cleared or where defensive earthworks were required.

This 1/35 scale kit has superb features, including the correctly arranged ERA modules. Each module fits onto the turret and hull easily and with precision. Of course, the distinguishing feature of this particular kit is the impressive-looking M9 dozer blade. This element is completely new, and it can be depicted in either raised or lowered position depending on what dioramic scene the modeler is trying to recreate. The blade is cleverly produced from multiple parts in order to accurately render its form. With this kit, no obstacles remain in the way for modelers to produce a stunning Israeli AFV!