The 1/350 LST-1 tank landing craft launched by AFV CLUB will be limited edition in the New Year!

The LST-1 tank landing ship was a large-scale landing ship built by the US Navy for the purpose of performing long-distance landing missions during the Second World War. It has a flat bottom and a hatch that can be opened at the front, so it is commonly called “open smile”. It can be used for tank or infantry landings, or it can be equipped with small landing craft (suspended by hangers on both sides) and has been widely used in the Pacific and Atlantic battlefields.

Shipped today! Notice of new products – Battleship Yamato Bridge

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I will introduce the new products shipped today ♪



It is a product which was delayed on shipment date in order to deliver good things to the customer’s hand.

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Collecting equipment series No.2 1/200 Battleship Yamato bridge

The world’s largest “battleship Yamato type” built by the Japanese Navy.

The battle command center that is the “bridge” part is converted to an injection kit with a big scale of 1/200 !


The basic design adopts “snap fit” which can be easily assembled without adhesive .

The molding color adopts a gray model imitating “Kure Navy Arsenal Colors” which has gained popularity in the NEXT series of ships .


The motif of the Yamato type battleship “1st Ship Yamato” is the final form of Showa 20th year .


About 200 parts parts

Completion size Left starboard width 92 mm Front and rear length 87 mm Height 176 mm

There are lots of things I want to tell you, but as I can not write it because there is too much information

Introduced in the picture ~ ↓ ↓

Also please arrange for collection on the 1/200 scale side by side with “94 x 94 cm 3 turret turret” !


Currently, there is a maker stock of the item here ↓ ↓OK





Equipment series No.1

Battleship Yamato 94 ceremony 46 cm 3 consecutive main turret


1/200 Equipment Series No. 3

Battleship Yamato Kuroku type 46 cm 3 3 consecutive main turret (with additional machine gun)

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