1/72 China’s strong five strong fighter 01686


Qiang-5 is based on the design style of the Western attack aircraft based on the J-6/MiG-19 fighter. In 1966, the Qiang-5 aircraft was put into mass production and began to equip the troops to become the main aircraft of the Chinese Air Force.

      The original design of the strong type-5 used two 30mm cannons, installed on both sides of the nose, and later installed two 23mm cannons at the roots of the two wings. The fuselage has a fuselage internal weapon bay of about 4 meters long, which can mount two 250 or 500 kilograms of aerial bombs. Two weapon bays under the belly can also mount 250 or 500 kilogram bombs. There are also two external beams under the wing. Some aircraft have been modified to mount a 0.5-2 million-ton nuclear bomb.

      Then I continued to improve the upgrade, which eventually made it a huge family. Roughly as follows: basic type; strong-5A; strong-5B; strong-5I; strong-5IA; strong-5II; strong-5III; strong-5M; strong-5K; strong-5C; strong-5D; 5E; strong -5F; strong -5G; strong -5J; strong -5KJL; two-seat type.

      After the Strong-5 was put into production, it produced more than a thousand. In addition to the air/navy equipped with China, it also exported to North Korea, Pakistan and other countries.

Product number     01686
product name     China’s strong five strong fighter
Bar code     9580208016863
Product ratio     1:72
product type     Plastic Model Aircraft Kit
Model size     Length: 227.2mm Wingspan: 135.5mm
Total number of parts     90+
Metal parts     n/a
Etched parts     1 piece
Film film     n/a
Resin component     n/a
Total number of offsets     7 sprues
Announcement date     2018-12
More description     The kit consists of over 90 parts , clear parts for canopy
– fuselage&wing with finely engraved panel lines