☆ I wish you a Happy New Year ☆

Happy new year.

We appreciate last year’s patronage of Fujimi products to many people.

I would be pleased if you can support us this year as well.

New yearRice cakeBest regardKadomaAn ema


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What kind of New Year was spent by everyone?What?  What?

While I look at the brush, red and white and SASUKE in turn,

New Year celebrated the New Year at Jannese Countdown.

Tackey was beautiful.


Well, New Year’s

Our product was introduced in “Shimura & New Year fighting New Year” program.

Ship NEXT series ” everyone you know
We introduced Yamato as representative of color pla.

Because our company’s products came out on television which I was watching while eating osechi

I suddenly got into work mode. . .


FROM THE 1/700 NX 13 Navy Battleship Nagato Showa 19 / Operation of Kuichi



From the end of last year, new mold type products are on sale one after another.

“1/700 NX 13 Navy Battleship Nagato Showa 19 / Operation of Kuichi”


“1/200 Equipment 2 Battleship Yamato Bridge”


“1/24 car NEXT 9 Toyota FJ cruiser”


Have you checked it already?

“1/700 Ship NX16 Japanese Navy Akizuki Type Destroyer Akizuki / First Month Showa 19 / Operation of Kuichi”

This is our shipping schedule on January 16th.

Please wait for a while!  !


This year also 1/72 scale will continue with new molds, including light armored vehiclesupnote

A new type of 1/12 scale super cub will be available in MarchSurprised Mark

We look forward to announcing new products in February in one festival too!

Thank you Fujimi model in 2019 as wellnote

NEW TOOL Hawker Hunter F6 1:48 AIRFIX A09185


  • 1) XF418 4FTS Brawdy
  • 2) XF509 4FTS
  • 3) Dutch AF


As far as classic British jet aircraft are concerned, few would argue that the beautiful Hawker Hunter should be placed at the head of this group, entering RAF service in 1954 and still providing training support almost 40 years later. The definitive interceptor version of the Hunter was the Mk.6 and by the end of 1958, all of the RAFs day fighter squadrons in Britain and Germany were equipped with these aircraft

Well well well, what should this vessel carry for us?


The BEL012 has left the harbour of Hong Kong on the 28th of december, and is heading towards Belgium. Vessel should arrive on the 6th of February in the port of Zeebruges, and get through customs. So as it wasn’t a Christmas gift 🎄 it should be a nice Valentine present 😍 (feel free to tag your women 😀)

We had a few weeks of delay caused to the Chrome Red of Red Bull on the decalsheet, a special hot stamp had to be ordered for this, but the decal is looking marvellous 🤩
It’s a 2 sheet decal, one with chrome elements, the other with a mat finish.

The BEL013 should arrive a few weeks later