32031 – coming soon -USN/USMC F-4B and F-4J Phantoms decals

New upcoming sheet covering the F-4 Phantom’s massive amount of airframe data. This sheet includes the painted on stencil type data that was seen in the 1960’s into at least the early 1970’s on USN/USMC F-4B and F-4J Phantoms (the illustrations here shows the F-4J but F-4B decals are also included). Check references for which style of airframe data was applied for specific jet, this style was not on all. Includes placards for landing gear (not shown in illustration), interior speed brake and speed brake wells, aux air doors, main and nose gear doors. Also includes pylon markings, including the centerline pylon (in the USMC Tamiya F-4J boxing but not called out in the instructions), as well as the bomb adapter racks for both inboard and outboard pylons, as well as LAU-7 rail markings.