Tamiya New Item Release list for February 2019

Scale Models
35364  1/35 German Tank Destroyer Marder III M “Normandy Front”
32541  1/48 Crusader Mk.I/II British Cruiser Tank Mk.VI
32555  1/48 Crusader Mk.III British Cruiser Tank Mk.VI
35001  1/35 German Army Tank Crew
35002  1/35 German Army Infantry
35003  1/35 German Schwimmwagen
35004  1/35 WWII U.S. Tank Crew
35005  1/35 British 6-Pounder Anti-Tank Gun

1/35 Military Miniature Series No.364
1/35 German Tank Destroyer Marder III M "Normandy Front"
Item No: 35364 ★The Marder III makes another appearance in the 1/35 Military Miniature Series, this time with Normandy Front markings! ★Kit features new assembly type tracks with one-piece straight sections. ★Comes with 4 new figures (1 torso), together with the 1 existing figure making a total of 5. ★2 marking options are included. ★Features new parts recreating shells that can be stored in the model's rack. ★Photo-etched part rereates the muffler cover.




1/48 Military Miniature Series No.41

Crusader Mk.I/II British Cruiser Tank Mk.VI

Item No:32541 

【 Recreate Scenes of Desert Combat 】 In the 1930's, a British mission observed the field maneuvers of the Russian army and were impressed by the performance of some of their tanks, which were influenced by the designs of American Walter Christie. The British decided to develop their own fast "cruiser" tank for their army and their efforts eventually resulted in the Crusader. When it entered operational service in 1941 as part of Operation Battleaxe in North Africa, the Crusader was found to be faster than its German counterparts, but had a less powerful gun, thinner armor, and was less reliable. Nevertheless, it served well as a battletank until replaced by newer design

Painting & Markings Main Colors: TS-46 Light Sand, XF-69 NATO Black

 About the Model 】 Highly-detailed assembly kit display model of the Crusader Mk.I/Mk.II Cruiser Tank in the compact, diorama-friendly 1/48 scale. ★Length: 132mm ★Differences in turret details between the two variants such as machine gun turret and front panel meticulously replicated. ★Die-cast chassis for added weight and realism. ★Tank treads are assembly type, with the upper section featuring realistic sag effect. ★3 types of markings included.


1/48 Military Miniature Series

 Feeling the Heat 】 During WWII at the North African front, the Crusader tank became the main force for the British Tank Corps and often faced off against the German Panzer III. The Crusader Mk.III came with reinforced front armor and a new powerful 6-pounder gun to help deal with the Panzer III. The Crusader tanks were first put into action in the autumn of 1942 at El Alamein, Egypt. Later after the long chase and even at the large scale Tunisia front, the Crusader Mk.III tanks contributed greatly to the allied victory over the Axis forces

 About the Model 】 This is a plastic 1/48 Crusader Mk.III assembly kit model. ★Length 138mm, The Crusader Mk. III is realistically produced with its large gun barrel, gun turrets and reinforced armor. ★In addition to the regular main battery, there is also a long barrel set. ★A choice of two types of side skirting. ★Assembly type caterpillar tread. ★3 kinds of markings from the North African front are included. ★The Crusader MkI./II was the base for the Crusader Mk.III antiaircraft tank. The Crusader Mk.III was the main competition for the German Panzer III. Creating a diorama with these tanks facing off would truly be enjoyable.


1/35 Military Miniature Series No.1
1/35 German Army Tank Crew
Item No: 35001

The Start of Something Special!
★This assembly kit creates a set of three WWII German tank crew figures in 1/35 scale. ★It includes a seated driver, officer with binoculars for placement in a cupola, and a non-commissioned officer, all in realistic pose. ★Crew are depicted in WWII jackets, with insignia recreated. ★Why not combine with one of the many German WWII armor models in the legendary Tamiya 1/35 scale Military Miniature series?


1/35 Military Miniature Series No.2
1/35 German Army Infantry
Item No: 35002

About the Model
★This set includes parts to create four figures depicting WWII German infantry, shown in uniform that was worn throughout the conflict. ★The subjects include a soldier on the move with rifle slung over his shoulder, a non-commissioned officer with late war-issue MP40, a kneeling soldier in the act of firing, and a machine gunner (choose between gun and binocular parts) lying flat on the ground. ★Accessories such as helmets and weapons are also included.


1/35 Military Miniature Series No.3
1/35 German Schwimmwagen
Item No: 35003

About the Model
★This 1/35 scale plastic model assembly kit recreates the amphibious Schwimmwagen, which German troops used in WWII. ★The unique hull-shaped form of the vehicle is recreated in style. ★Features such as the hood-top spare tire, screw and more are faithfully depicted. ★A busy interior has recreations of seats, slatted floor, gearshift, instrumentation panel and more, while the windshield is a moving part. ★Choose between retracted and deployed hood. ★Comes with three figures: a standing officer, plus seated driver and passenger.


1/35 Military Miniature Series No.4
1/35 WWII U.S. Tank Crew
Item No: 35004

About the Model
★This 1/35 scale plastic model assembly kit recreates a crew of four U.S. WWII tankers: gunner, loader and two commanders. ★Both commanders are depicted with binoculars; one in both hands, and the other in the left hand, gesturing with the right. ★Figures are depicted in uniform used from early in WWII.