1/700 New Mare Nostrum Series – Japanese Warring States Giant Warship

Nobunaga Ironclad Boat – Tianzheng Four Years (1576A.D.) Faced with the Maori Water Army attempting to transport troops for the Shishan Hongyuan Temple, the Oda Water Army suffered heavy losses and the defense line was broken by Maori. In the sixth year of the Tianzheng (1578A.D.), Maori’s support team re-applied and supported the Shishan Honganji Temple again. This time, the letterhead moved out of the secret weapon – a number of giant warships attached to the outer side of the iron plate – the armored ship, such as the city wall traverse in the mouth of Mutsukawa. Maori’s roasting and rocket offensives were no longer useful. Since then, the sea power around Osaka Bay was controlled by the Oda Water Army, and the Shishan Hongan Temple was gradually forced into the dead. . .
Hideyoshi Nippon Maru, Toyotomi Hideyoshi, became a giant warship built after boasting his power, "Japan Pills". Legend has it that he participated in the Battle of Wenlu. Qingchang (the Wanli Korean War), although he suffered a concentrated attack, he still returned to Japan’s battle record.
The 1/700 Japanese Warring States era warships faithfully restored the various details of the Japanese giant ships of the era, so that the model friends who loved the classical naval battles reappeared the glory of the Japanese water army in the Warring States.

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