Did you make the first Plamo in 2019? What?

Everyone who viewed the blog!

Did you make Plamo during year – end and New Year holidays?


To those who do not yet

I introduce the product which is perfect for Plamo at the beginning of 2019I am happy · Pinkma



Collecting equipment series No.2 1/200 Battleship Yamato bridge

Big scale of 1/200! !


Adopted "snap fit" which can be assembled without adhesive


The molding color adopts a gray model simulating the "Kure Navy Arsenal Color"


The appearance of the final form of the Yamato type battleship "1st Ship Yamato" in the Showa 20 years motif




I will briefly introduce the flow of how to make itnote



Manual 1st page.

First of all the assembly of the base.

Formation beside the waiting room for soldiers is expressed including each dive survey and estimation.

Manual page 2 of the manual.

The outfit of the 2nd bridge from the 1st bridge is the main

Especially making it is fun inside the 1st bridge!

The height of the floor surface is raised, and there is a 
hanging type binocular telescope, 
you can grasp the structure well!




 The manual page 3 of the manual. 
We will make everything from the air defense command center to the top azimuth measuring instrument!

Grating of ranging ceremonial lens part and air defense command place,

Easy finishing without color painting in color plastic.

The fourth page of the manual the last. 
We will install a 25 mm machine gun assembled.


Join the whole ~ completed!

Battleship Yamato of the film fleet, completion – It is reminiscent of the appearance scene!


Sent on December 25, 2018, it is on sale.

Please try making it for the first time in 2019I am happy · Pinkmaheart


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