1/700 Maritime Self Defense Force Escort Ship DD-119 Asahi SP-Scheduled to be released in March 2019

Finally it is appearing.

"Escort Ship Asahi" is on sale.


The appearance is very similar to "Akizuki" type, but

The role is anti-submarine.

I have a lot of equipment that is excellent in searching ability.

The guest of this time ,,,


From Russia ,,, Russia

It is a volley type nuclear submarine.

Was it deployed in the Far East?

Although it seems to be compromised,

Anyway, if you do not like Vladivostok

It may be deployed in the Northern Territories.


It's bigger than the main character ,,,,




Another one is

It is exhibited in a park next to the south

It is a submarine of a certain country.

It is rare that it is made into a kit!

You can say that.



Even with "Sealer Defense Operation"

Let's name it.









Currently the most HOT patrol aircraft P – 1 ,,,,.


It's really an excellent aircraft.



As usual this year, I will keep going like this!


The latest Maritime Self Defense Force 's latest escort ship "Asahi" is out.

It is a destroyer equipped with state-of-the-art radar with main force on searching submarines and sonar, equipped with the latest gas turbine engine. The kit used slide molds extensively, pursuing ease of making.

  • Russian made RIICH MODELS 955 Body type submarine attached
  • 1/700 US-2 included
  • A mysterious submarine attached to a certain country

The etching parts set is released simultaneously with the main body. 
Maritime Self Defense Force Escort Ship Asahi Type Etching Set

【Ship Type: Maritime Self-Defense Force】
【Country: Japan Ship】

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