New ships shipped New product ~ Naval ships Maritime escort battle carrier aircraft fleet set · BUS Isuzu · ID Toyota Crown ~

Introducing today's shipping new product ~shooting starshooting starshooting star


1/3000 warship 17 maritime escort game aircraft carrier fleet set

(Otaka type / Musashi / Agano / Akashi / colored already equipped with aircraft)

You can carry force transport to track island!

~ Rigor under the border to support the front line ~

"Aircraft carrier Otaka type" and "Light cruising Agano" of the new mold on 1/3000 scale,

First wrestling ship Akashi appears in the warship series!


1/32 BUS 3 Isuzu Gala Super High-Decker


White body Isuzu Gala Super High-Decker appeared on 1/32 scale.Glassan Heart


1/24 ID 270 Toyota Crown 2.8 4 Door HT Royal Saloon '79 (MS 110)

The sixth generation crown which was fully remodeled in September 1979 is the first time in a while!


Please do try it by all means

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