NEW FROM hasegawa 1/72 Crusher Joe” Fighter 1 CW15

Scale … 1:72 
Part number ……… CW15 Our shipping … planned for January 2019 Body price … 2400 yen (+ consumption tax) Model total length … 193 mm Model full width … 198 mm


“Crusher Joe” Fighter 1 “Test shot released!

Around the cockpit ▲

Top of machine body ▲


Bottom of machine body ▲


▲ Injection nozzle


▲ canopy 
Masking sticker for separating the window frame is included.


▲ inside the cockpit, nozzle, air brake etc


▲ leg, missile launch port


▲ Easy and reliable assembly possible with internal frame structure


▲ nose guttering type machine cannon


▲ Nose


▲ Aircraft bottom / top


▲ wing


▲ Vertical tail


▲ “Taros”, “Jou” figure


▼ state assembled test shot (display stand is attached)

“Minerba” machine that appears in anime “Crusher Joe”, 
“Fighter 1”, kit on 1/72 scale! 
Snap kit without adhesive. 
It is designed to include a high-density sculpture that feels aircraft appearance.


Canopy, missile launch port on the underside of the airframe, 
air brake (also serving as a thrust deflection plate) is a selective opening and closing type. 
Marking of the nose “1” and the back of the cockpit “J” sets a decal. 
“Jaw” of the sitting posture and figure of “Talos” of the standing pose are attached. 
Leg and leg cover can select parking / flight status. 
Exhibition in the flight state is possible with the attached stand. 
Kato Ichirouro is in charge of the package illustration.

Part color 
blue: Body first half 
white: nose tip, body half second, main wing 
orange: nose guttering type machine cannon 
Gray: nozzle, air brake etc. 
Smoke violet: canopy


Canopy also comes with a clear version. 
In addition, a masking seal for separating is attached.


【Updated on 14th December 2018】

Depending on production circumstances, we 
will change our shipping date from December 21 schedule to January 2019 schedule . 
I’m sorry to cause you inconvenience.


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