1/32 Marumi group Narita Shoji Shinku Maru No.4 -Scheduled to be released in January 2019


Shinku Maru Fisheries Express

Marumi group's famous car will be commercialized this year for the end of the year. This time, we reproduced the specifications of the time we interviewed in 2011. It becomes the definitive edition of Shinkamaru shining brightly. You can not leave the decorating year-end and new year ♪ ♪

  • New flag bar
  • New body harness
  • New hub cover
  • New rear fender
  • New W muffler
  • New visor
  • New refrigerator
  • New side bumper
  • New rear bumper
  • New decal
  • 22.5inch Yokohama tire use

* The image that is published is a prototype.

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