NEW KITS FROM FUJIMI -*- Super Cub 110 bike 1/12 +1/32 Tour Bus No. 4 Mitsubishi Fuso Aero Queen Super High Decker+1/700 Ship NEXT Series No.4 Japan Navy Air Carrier Akagi+Chibi Maru 3 type Medium Tank Chinu special specification (with effects parts)

【Super Cub 110】 New FUJIMI Cub is Your Cub.

” Super Cub ” loved by everyoneheart

The 4th popular turnip announced in 2017 will be commercialized on 1/12 scale in March!

The turning style of the current style is a completely new mold, what a NEXT series specification of what Pachi combination type!

Finally, the NEXT series came to the bike. . .

Let’s assemble a test shot that arrived quicklyupA lol

 The product is a color pla, but ahead

We are presenting hand-painted on prototype!

Super cubs to be commercialized are current type, lights are LED,

Two persons possible 110 cc, domestic sales specification motif


Seat can be raised


Wheels are delicate plastic shapes with 2 pieces

StarTire is also new design of new mold


The white cowl is designed with the same molded structure as the real one!


付き With extra rear seat

Assembly is simple






Outer Outfitting


On the boundary between the front cowl and the engine cowl

You can see steps that will allow individual difference errors ,,,,

Of course I reproduced such a fine place ~!

The Japanese Navy Navy and the Ground Self Defense Force began to adhere to the Super Cub 110

Namahage, Rambutan, Dharma, you can stack anything!

It is scheduled to ship on 22nd March, currently under development.

looking forward to!


We released the new product in February.

Scheduled for release in February

1/32 Tour Bus No. 4

Mitsubishi Fuso Aero Queen Super High Decker

Since the package of it has been completed

We will introduce.A lol

It is such feeling as a whole


It is finished product assembled and painted 


It is an attached decal .

Marking is a specification of a catalog model

It is an attached mask seal .

A cutting line is printed according to the size of the glass.

Cut along the line, peel off the backing paper, you can stick it immediately.

It can be used for window frame painting.


It was then upgraded

1/700 Ship NEXT Series No.4 Japan Navy Air Carrier Akagi

It is an introduction.

The whole package looks like this

Even if you can not open the package as you can see the product contents

Image which was assembled and completed

Attached seal, composition of color parts, image of finished size etc.

It is posted in the package.

This upgrade version comes with a renovated display stand.

Also, in the first limited edition a mechanical surface sculpture with wood deck and strip pattern

The pedestal of the version you applied will enter.

The shape of the back of the flight deck is also as you can see

It is a cut that imaged famous live action.Nico Nico

Coming soon! stay tuned!


1/22 shipping schedule! Chibi Maru 3 type Medium Tank Chinu special specification (with effects parts)!

Thank you very much for your continued patronage of our products.


We have received many inquiries from our end-of-year and beginning of the year at our after-sales service desk, and very crowded continues.

Within one month, depending on circumstances,

Answer · It may take more than 1 week to reply.


Things temporarily delayed correspondence,

Thank you for your understanding, thank you for your understanding.


The cold finally cured. Is it because of the year that healing is slow?

Everyone please take care of yourself.


Well, this time is also an introduction of new products

Scheduled to be shipped 1/22

Chiba Maru 3 type Medium Tank Chinu Special specification (with effects parts).

The Chibi Maru Military Series is a cute figure that makes you want to collect deformed appearance by modeling famous tanks in history.

It can be assembled without using adhesive and can be completed without paint with attached seal and color plastic parts.

Limited included deformed artillery flame and dust effect parts!


A 75-meter turret different from tanks in front of the front mold and the upper surface of the car body become exclusive parts and three-dimensional medium tank unique features are three-dimensionalized.

The camouflage painted part of the grass color and the land color is specified to reproduce pasted cut real seal.

I mentioned earlier

Chiba Tiger I Eastern Front Special Specifications (with Effect Parts) / Scheduled for January 24, 2019

Also with effect partsA lol


Please check it all togetherWink