April release ☆ 99 formula self-propelled 155 mm pick up howitzer! Part 1

If you are new product just announced last weekend

I will introduce the 99th self-propelled 155 ㎜ howitzer of the Ground Self Defense Force of particular attention

Planning Cooperation: Monthly Armor Modeling


Field hit equipment of the field specialist “Long Nose” is 1/72 the first stereoscopic!
Following the 87-type self-propelled aircraft gun, we thoroughly research the actual car and make it a
completely new mold with the product.
The 75-type self-propelled 155 mm howitzer, which was equipped in the field specialist, was
inferior to the FH-70 equipped with the shortage of the range and later on from development
, and from 75 to 75 self-running since 1987 Research and development of this car which should succeed the grand launched.
The car body is based on the 89 type armored fighting car based on the extended body length, has
a style with a large turret.
The main gun is equipped with a 52-caliber 155 mm howitzer with a multi-purpose muzzle brake,
ranging in length to 30 km and can be loaded without choosing elevation by an automatic loading device
, enabling shooting more than 18 shots in 3 minutes.
is also a characteristic that it has a system that connects with a 99 type ammunition supply bullet as a feed bullet from outside of the vehicle and has a system that automatically supplies refueling promptly.
75 Expedition 15 self-propelled guns following
proceedings as domestic guns since 1999 procurement began in 1999, with deployment progressing mainly in the northern direction, more than 130 bargains are procured / deployed.

A series that is easy to make on 1/72 scale and is also ideal for collection.

While mini-scale, shape design inferior to 1/35 scale,

Realistic modeling is reproduced by precise surface representation.

Following the previous 87 model self-propelled aircraft gun, high-quality panel line,

Full of slip prevention expression etc.

Included decals also include notes of belonging troops and vehicle numbers

Includes vehicles actually deployed with attentive content.

● Flexible specification design such as movable and selected parts while keeping the number of parts.


The turret can swivel 360 degrees, the barrel can be elevated to 57 degrees.

~ You can reproduce the side shooting figure which is one of the features of the actual car ~

Each of the car body and turret adopts a slide mold and does not omit the shape,

It was designed pursuing the ease of making the parts together.

Gun barrel is molded in one piece and 155 mm gun muzzle is real out.

Each hatch can be opened and closed. Top of turret (right) Hatch rotates with each gun.

~ The difference between the north forces and the special guidance team’s gun suspension position is also reproducible. ~

The traveling clamp fixing the gun barrel at the time of movement can select the fixed state and the released state

Crawler track is a plastic part with 4 piece construction on one side and rubber pad is not equipped.

~ Easy to make, easy to paint and not to omit the shape ~

● Design expression by thorough research


The turret rotation lock mechanism on the bottom of the turret (right) and the top of the car (left) is reproduced by sculpture.

Three-dimensional non-simple shape composed of chamfered inclined surface and vertical surface of car body side turret ring.


Reproduce the uneven representation of the bottom of the turret rear.

There is much more

Today this is live and haha


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