Appears at last

It is the appearance of the escort ship Asahi's test shot.


Structure such as bridge and chimney ,,,

Slide dies are frequently used,

It became easier to join.


It is a new part.


There are places where it is hard to join an Akuki type,

We redesigned on reflection.


Since escort ships have many plan configurations, from now on

I wonder if it will be this kanji. . .


However, as the thickness of the molded product increased,

The box grows large.


Please wait for etching for a while. 



Etsuko Ichihara passed away.

He appeared in numerous dramas, movies,

The performance of the iruser glowed.

Also, I was raised watching the animation of "Japanese old fashimi"

There are also many people.

The other day, the rebroadcast "Housekeeper saw!" Is

It was interesting.

I would like all of them to be rebroadcast.


For those who passed away in January,

Debit · Bowie ,,,

Jimi – Bain ,,

Eddie Clark ,,,, and,


As I was young, there were more people affected ,,,

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