Hello In first place I want to inform the elephant in 75mm arrives in middle of February. In this in casting in this moment. Many people that I talked in the show, I talk about a new concept that we want to introduce in RP… Bustorama… And this is the idea…

Many people in the shows told they want to see the concept to understand better the idea. This is my idea… Inside the tower there are 2 busts in 1/12… There are 2 diferents sets. One its just the busts and the tower, without the elephant blanket… A Limited Edition of 200 pieces and the other set, its what you saw above and it will be a Limited Edition of 135 pieces. After that its gone… This is a new idea, but to telling the truth its amazing. The full piece its something that stop the traffic… LOL…

This year many new things and concepts are coming… I hope you can enjoy and you like it… Its very beautifull…

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