Reckoning under development! 】 Ground Self Defense Force 99 style self-propelled 155 mm howitzer

Following yesterday, today is an introduction of the Ground Self Defense Force 99 style self-propelled 155 mm howitzernote

* Planning cooperation: Monthly armor modeling




Fujimi model sends a new standard of 1/72 scale! 
Precise reproduction that is inferior to the upper scale realized!


Thorough research after commercialization with full new mold!



 Avoid shape omission, making it easy to integrate parts as much as possible! 
The gun barrel has a one-piece structure, and the porous muzzle brake is this street!


The crawler track is composed of four pieces on one side, and slackness can be expressed simply by braiding without difficulty!


The movable part of the barrel base is equipped with a cover, expressing the shape that you do not usually notice properly!


There is a step on the top of the turret, do you know?

Of course I am expressing! 


Locking Mechanism to Prevent Turret Rotation During Driving 
Turret Bottom Surface 
· Reproduced on top of car body in remodeling state (Maniac neta … but more) The 

car body side rings do not rise vertically, there are oblique faces and 
 their unique shapes are also Expression !


The turret right hatch can rotate 
↓ In the 
special teacher corps, the gun suspension / hatch is diagonally,

The northern unit can reproduce the difference set at 0/180 ° around.
Expressed hatches that protrude from the turret right wall


Also included are chains & rubber hoses that stop hatching with bonus


 As a selectable part (a maniac extra), 
it also contains an initial velocity measuring device that is estimated to be attached when performing more precise shooting.


There are ribs of different length / position on the left and right in the back of the crawler belt,

Expression up to the invisible part after completion!

87 formula self-propelled aircraft guns, light armored vehicles following development!


Release is at the end of April. looking forward to!


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