Yesterday shipping new product ~ self-propelled high fire engine gun etching · Chibi Maru Ise / Hyuga · Chinu Effect Parts included ~

I will introduce the new product shipped yesterday (* "ー" *) Fuh ♪


1/72 ML201 Ground Self Defense Force 87 self-propelled high fire aircraft gun genuine etching parts



Realistic reproduction of mesh parts such as grill and basket is unique in etching parts!

1/72 scale Ground Self Defense Force 87 type automatic self-propelled guns are genuine etched parts corresponding to guns (* ^ – ゚) vi ♪


Chibi Maru 43 Chibi Maru Fleet Air Battleship Ise / Hyuga


Two ships of the Ise type air battleship that was remodeled due to the shortage of carrier aircraft of MI operation can be selected! ┏ | ¯ ^ ¯ * | ┛ Guts pose




TM9EX-1 Chibaruma three-type medium tank Tinuu special specification (with effects parts)

M4 shaman wreck it! o (· b ·) ○

Deflated artillery flame and dust effect parts are included in limited! (゚ ゚) Nyari



Matanee !! … … ((((((○ ○ ° ε ° ○) ノ ~~ 

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