Mini Maritime Self Defense Force!

Recently I am doing detailed work.

A warship series that gathers 1 / 3,000 scale released in February.

We have expanded mainly on the Japanese Navy so far, but the expansion of "Maritime Self Defense Force" will begin! 

The first mold of the new type is "201st Year" of the first escort group (Yokosuka) 

Package Illustration DDH 183 A group of men forming a formation centering on Izumo 1 is a landmark!


□ The product consists of 8 vessels belonging to the 1st Escort Group along the formed ships of 2017. 
□ An escort ship is a completely new design, expressing a characteristic shape. 
□ Molded color developed as a new color tone exclusively for naval vessels of the sea, coloring is imitated as "dark gray N4" on open-ended deck.

And 【First Time Limited】 privilege ! !

"Yoshikura pier" (a new design / mold) to be moored with escort ships at Yokosuka Port comes with it!

 The Yoshikura pier is a three-piece structure of Y1.2 and Y3.4 berth, a bridge connecting it, and expresses the sticker and the transformer with a mold.

 Together with the Yokosuka base of the US sold separately, it is possible to reproduce the aspect of the escort group / submarine corps of Kusuga-uro and Yoshikura district!

And then. I made a small decal of particular commitment!  !!  !

Until the name of the ship's aft ship! ! can you see it! What?

You are correct.Stubborn!  !!  !

I guess it will become a point absolutely small when I print it ,,,To give away

But I'm still stuck.Chu

The newest decal is like this.

Release will be shipped February 18.

The 2nd escort group is also released at the same time!  !

looking forward to!

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