1/48 Military Miniature Series No.96 Japan Ground Self Defense Force Type 16 Maneuver Combat Vehicle Item No: 32596

Length: 176mm. Image shows painted and assembled kit.

The New Kid in Town
Japan Ground Self Defense Force (JGSDF) units began receiving the eight-wheel Type 16 Maneuver Combat Vehicle in 2017; it is expected to form a central part of the Rapid Deployment Regiments called for in a mobile Japanese defense policy. It certainly fits the bill, with a top speed of 100km/h thanks to a 570hp engine, and can utilize public highways as well as being airlifted. The distinctively modern turret is equipped with a domestically designed L/52 105mm rifled gun, capable of accurate fire on the move; it is anticipated that Type 16s will be able to both provide supporting fire and take on enemy armor.

About the Model
★This is a 1/48 scale plastic model assembly kit. Length: 176mm, width: 63mm. ★The modern silhouette with 105mm gun is accurately depicted. ★Features a realistic rendering of the complex underside. ★Soft resin tires feature authentic recreations of tread pattern. ★Comes with a commander torso figure and two marking options.

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