It's amazing how much space is taken up by several hundred bagged kits … that are now just waiting for the decals to arrive!

Here, folks, is our latest 1/144 injected kit: the Bombardier (de Havilland Canada) Dash 8 – 300. And here is the first round of kit decal options (it will be one option per kit), shown with a couple of the kit's features in the CAD photos.

There will be a clear injected canopy option, of course, or you can use the decal windscreen. As you can see, the cockpit is detailed, the props can either be cruise or feathered, wheels up (with separate door plugs) or down, resin detail parts, etc.

And, there are locating pins and slots to aid assembly.

But wait, that's not all! The decals are silk-screen, "island" productions by Ronin Graphics!

Full release announcement soon! (Pending the lousy hot weather here in Oz that's holding up the final decal printing.)

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