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The Alpine A 110 saga debuted in Dieppe in 1962. The creator of the brand, Jean Rédélé will develop this new model on the basis of the A108 model itself designed from the Renault Dauphine .

The A 110 will borrow a lot of spare parts from the all-new Renault 8.

The main features of this car are the use of a beam frame and a glass / polyester shell originally manufactured in the Chappe and Gessalin workshops.

The positioning of the 4-cylinder Cléon cast iron engine with 5 bearings in a rear overhang allows a very good balance of the masses. Equipped with 2 Weber double body carburettors, the 1600 S model develops 125 CH DIN and reaches the speed of 205 KM / H.

Soon the A110 will stand out as the reference rally car . From 1971 she became the most successful model by winning many prestigious titles including the famous Monte Carlo Rally

The A110 1600 S will be equipped with the Renault 16 TS engine.

In 1973 Renault bought Alpine and decided to participate in the brand new World Rally Championship. The 4 musketeers of Alpine Renault (Jean-Claude Andruet, Jean-Pierre Nicolas, Jean-Luc Thérier, Bernard Darniche) will win 6 races among the 13 registered in the world championship, making Alpine Renault the first manufacturer champion of the world of rallies .

7176 copies of the various A110 models will be produced in Dieppe between 1963 and July 1977. Other countries, Spain, Brazil, Mexico, Bulgaria, will produce the Alpine models under license.

To date the Alpine A110 known as Berlinette remains the most mythical model of French sports cars of the past 50 years.

Renault is reviving in 2018 the fabulous Alpine epic with its brand new model that already fascinates all lovers of the brand.

Number of pieces 139
Model length 15.7
Model width 6.8
Box width 37
Box height 25
Depth box 7
contents 1 model – decals – assembly plan
Ladder 1/24
Age 14
Difficulty Intermediate