1/12 Honda Super Cub 110 cc Fujimi Model full Assemble

A seal is attached to the product. Number is scheduled for Asaka-shi .. 88. I tried to make it understandable if you like the current turnip ♪ Including respect for the people of Asaka's Honda two-wheel development.


Two-seater necessities. The step product in the rear seat (model) is in a folded state. As part of our ingenious processing, we made it a separate part so that it can be remodeled into a deployed state and give it a width.


This product is "domestic specification". So here is the tail lamp to be sealed here


Although the actual machine has grooves (gaps) between the front and rear covers, we assemble from front and back, and compensate for the tolerance within the allowable range here. Of course, even 1/12 scale is reproduced without going through.


Convenient store convenience, leg cover left hook included adhesive type as bonus parts ♪


Completion was completed in one hour after assembling a completely new mold super cub. So, the clan folk! Turn user users! Everyone in Kabufan! ~ Please look forward to it Please try making it on March 22nd. 1/12 Honda Super Cub 110 cc Fujimi Model.



Assemble Super Cub 10 When you come this far it is the final corner! Assemble the handle. ~ And install it on the body …


Completely New Mold The muffler that assembles the super cub is 3 pieces and the cover and the main body are different parts, and it is not masking when painting. Since installation of accessories changes the shape of the boss, it prevents mistakes in the attachment direction.


Assemble the Super Cub 9 Attach the parts centered on the lower part of the engine.


Rear seat cushion which is optional as a real machine to assemble complete new mold super cub. It is standard enclosed in the product and can be removed. Please do use it for 1/12 figures and 2 seater ♪



Assemble the Super Cub 8 We will install the rear platform. Because 110cc is a motif it is possible to ride two people. On the rear cargo bed …



7 sheets to assemble super cubs with opening and closing gimmicks in 3 pieces.


This leg cover part that assembles a complete new mold super cub. Actually, I do exactly the same "die-cutting structure" as the leg cover of actual machine. It is almost the same as the mold design structure (; ^ _ ^ A (Fujimi model adhering to Hen Nako ..) Of course, it is finished in the same single molded piece, one piece as the real mono.


Assemble the Super Cub 6 Install the Leg Cover. One touch to cover from above the vehicle. When this is installed, you will start to feel a turnip at once! ! (Lol)


Assemble the super cub 5 Attach small pieces of body exterior crisply. And the main event being assembled next …


In the cover under the headlights which assemble a complete new mold super cub … round recess. Banker's love machine specification ~ Case with a basket (real machine) It is a blindfold hole for penetrating and installing the plares of this part. Of course I am expressing!


Assemble the Super Cub 4 Fit the body (from the seat to the rear wheel mudguard) from the left and right and insert the front wheels to see the shape of the two-wheeled vehicle.



Assemble the super cub 3 Mudguard of the front wheel … Assembly … just cut out. Easy. It is integrally molded. Fit the front wheel suspension. This completes the front wheel. Easy!


First piece: A lot of shapes are visible. Motivation will improve. It will not take as long as 15 minutes. Easy to complete before getting tired ~ 2nd sheet Somewhat disgusting … · rear wheels.


Complete New Die Model Please look at the engine parts to assemble the super cub, the good feeling model Anyway it is good to have a mechanical feeling! (Self-praised (__ ^ _ ^ A part, HONDA logo (convex) is a seal reproduction (concave) logo will be a sculpture reproduction.


Assemble the Super Cub 2 Assemble the rear wheel. Make rubber tires wear right and left in the same way as the front wheels. Attention is paid to grooves as the tire has orientation (rotation). Engine parts integrated on the rear wheel on one side are set on the rear wheel. As the stand also installs at this stage you can stand on its own Mysterious unicycle is born (lol)


If you look closely at the wheels assembling the complete new mold super cub, the valves will be reproduced. The art is finely ~, we are designing Fujimisimu (^ ^ ♪ In addition, since the wheel has the matching of the left and right two-piece valve, the fitting boss is set at uneven intervals to prevent mistakes.



It is a test shot to assemble a complete new mold type super cub, but a little assembly process is released and released! In this product it becomes colored plastic part. First of all, front wheel. Wheel delicately with spoke integral molding. The tire is a new mold and it is 110cc specification size. Completed immediately after attaching front wheel suspension.

Light Armored Mobility Vehicle * Super Cub Part introduction!

It's unusually a late update.
I completely forgot that it is a duty …Guan
Well, first introduce the super cub parts!
It's still a test shot
It is different from the actual molding color.
Super cub is …
It is the first in a motorcycle !
Not painted in color plastic OK
Snap fit
No adhesive required!
I assembled it today.
We assembled at less than 2 hoursnote
Faster than Chibaru!
It's easy to assemble like a FJ cruiser
The finish is very fine and powerful completenessA
Continue, light armored mobile!
This is
2 products will be on sale at the same time!
National Team
Special parts such as wire cutter are included.
It is 2 inches.
Senior car / car equipped with machine gun
Radio parts are included for the squad leader car.
Although it is 2 inches, you can reproduce two kinds of specifications
Each part is attached.
So from three specifications
Please try choosing what you like.
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It is scheduled to be exhibited at.
When you go near you by all means
I am glad if you can see the real thoroughlyheart
The product is on sale in March! !