Light Armored Mobility Vehicle * Super Cub Part introduction!

It’s unusually a late update.
I completely forgot that it is a duty …Guan
Well, first introduce the super cub parts!
It’s still a test shot
It is different from the actual molding color.
Super cub is …
It is the first in a motorcycle !
Not painted in color plastic OK
Snap fit
No adhesive required!
I assembled it today.
We assembled at less than 2 hoursnote
Faster than Chibaru!
It’s easy to assemble like a FJ cruiser
The finish is very fine and powerful completenessA
Continue, light armored mobile!
This is
2 products will be on sale at the same time!
National Team
Special parts such as wire cutter are included.
It is 2 inches.
Senior car / car equipped with machine gun
Radio parts are included for the squad leader car.
Although it is 2 inches, you can reproduce two kinds of specifications
Each part is attached.
So from three specifications
Please try choosing what you like.
Click here for details ↓
This panel is
Dear Joshin Super Kids Land Headquarters
Joshin Super Kids Land Osu shop
Joshin Sannomiya 1 Bunka Super Kids Land
It is scheduled to be exhibited at.
When you go near you by all means
I am glad if you can see the real thoroughlyheart
The product is on sale in March! !