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1/700 Ship NEXT Series SPOT No.8

Japan Navy Aircraft Carrier Akagi Perfect

The ship NEXT Akagi can be upgraded perfectly ,

It is a great deals with etched parts and wood deck stickers !



You can reproduce the aircraft carrier “Akagi” of the 1st Air Force flagship, with a bridge at the port center.


The hull was split horizontally, the port side, the ladder, the outdoor circuit and other details were reproduced with a mold.


Ship bottom parts are molded in bathtubs with no visible eyes.


The shipboard machine is a one-piece molding including the propeller.


For those seeking a precise finish, the main parts are also included in separate parts.




[Included etching parts to increase accuracy]


Handrail, falling prevention net, jack stay around chimney, boat david, fixed mast,

Including a raising-type wireless mast, a chimney exit, a ship dock, a ramp, a marine guidance light, and so on.

【Wood deck seal attached easily reproduce grain of grain easily】


Because it is sealed, you can stick it with just one touch if you peel off the backing paper.


Elevators, wind fences, gliding restraint devices and landing boat braces,

Etching dedicated to wood deck seals is also included.


Please paint white lines of the deck using the attached mask seal.

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New announcement – # 6869 – 1/35 Panzerkampfwagen VI(P) / Bergepanzer Tiger(P) – (2 in 1)


Continuing Dragon’s wave of 2-in-1 kits is this convenient 1/35 scale set that allows modelers to build either a Tiger (P) coated or a Bergepanzer Tiger (P). Only five Tiger (P) vehicles were produced in 1942. They were issued for training and testing purposes and only one saw combat as a command tank on the Eastern Front in September 1942. Three hulls were also converted into Bergepanzer recovery vehicles in September 1943. These featured a raised superstructure at the rear and the only recovery equipment installed was a small derrick crane, rams and timber beams.

Modelers can decide which version of the Tiger (P) they wish to build – either the Tiger (P) tank with Zimmerit already molded on, or the Bergepanzer Tiger (P) without any Zimmerit on the hull. That means the kit contains two complete hulls and chassis. Different photo-etched parts for each vehicle type are included in the box too. Either vehicle assembles with ease, and the Bergepanzer Tiger (P) in particular has been out of stock for some time, leaving modelers with some hard choices ahead!