Dear Friends! We are glad to present you the latest models of Roden and the first ones this year! See a preview of gorgeous Bird Dog Floatplane and 8-inch howitzer

L19/O-1 Bird Dog Floatplane – American light aircraft, a floatplane modification of the famous 0-1 army multipurpose aircraft. The aircraft had the ability to operate from water areas of varying size, including the smallest, but it was not widely used, unlike the original design with conventional wheeled undercarriage. A few examples were used for patrolling in districts adjacent to water bodies, and later all planes of this type were sold on to private owners, some of them remaining in use even today.

Scale 1:32
L-19/0-1 Bird Dog Floatplane


BL 8-inch howitzer Mark VI – heavy gun of the First World War, produced in 1915 at the Vickers plant. In addition to the UK, it was manufactured in the U.S.A. under license by the Midvale Steel and Ordnance Co., at Nicetown, Pennsylvania. This type of cannon was used on every major front of the First World War; some were transferred to allies, such as Tsarist Russia. After the First World the Mark VI was declared as obsolete in Great Britain which converted to other types with a new standard of caliber, and in 1939 some of the American guns, after the Soviet Union's aggression against Finland, were transferred to the armed forces of that country, where they remained in combat service until the end of the 1960s.

Scale 1:35
BL 8-inch howitzer Mk.VI


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