32-032 – VMFA-323 DEATH RATTLERS USMC F-4B Phantoms in the Vietnam War-Coming early 2019

This limited 1/32 decal sheet is for F-4B Phantom conversions to the Tamiya F-4 Phantom series of kits.  Note that this release is for decals only – F-4B conversion parts are NOT included! Various aftermarket F-4B conversion sets are available; including GT Resin, Cutting Edge, CAM, and RealModel.

This sheet covers one Marine fighter attack squadron – VMFA-323 Death Rattlers – when they operated the F-4B Phantom in the Vietnam War at Chu Lai Air Base.  Three options are provided covering 1967 and 1968 period, with an additional set of crew names provided to also depict one at a slightly earlier time.  Also provided are decals for the crew helmets.

Full airframe data for one aircraft, including panel numbers/labels, is also included with this release. The same data sheet is also sold separately, see 32-031.  All three aircraft covered on this sheet had this type of airframe data.

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