Architectural elements, street furniture, and acrylic brick- and tilemolds, in various scales and by various manufacturers.


This LARGE set includes:

– 3 lasercut- and engraved silkboard plates, featuring parts to assemble a layered Palladian-style window, and

– 2 sheets of 0,3 mm thin acetate:
one featuring the window's outline, to mount as a solid sheet to the windowframe's back,
and one featuring lasercut windowpanes in the exact corresponding positions as the window's panes.

You can either glue this sheet as one piece to the back of the window, or cut all panes loose and glue them separately in all openings (leaving you options to paint, matte, whitewash or depict them as shattered or even missing).

For best results, use PVA glue for the window's construction, including placement of the acetate windowpanes.

Plates' dimensions: 163 x 160 mm.
Plates' thickness: 1,5 mm.
Windows dimensions: 138 x 129 mm.

The Palladian architectural style, pioneered by Andrea Palladio (Venice, 1508–1580) is strongly based on the symmetry, perspective and values of formal classical temple-architecture of ancient Rome and Greece.

It was frequently applied in Europe and the United States, to a great variety of buildings ranging from grand villas and public edifices to humble houses and farm sheds, throughout the 18th–20th centuries, and continues to evolve into modern architecture today.

The Palladian, Serlian, or Venetian window, consisting of a central light underneath a semicircular arch, flanked by two other lights on each side and separated by pilasters, is a trademark of this style.

Brand: Yenmodels.
Material: silkboard, 1,5 mm.
Scale: 1:24.
Design : Yenmodels 2018.
Price: €32,00.

February New product! Special series No. 68 EX – 3 Japan Navy heavy cruiser Maaya (with etching parts)

Shizuoka was very warm yesterday.

Is spring coming soon … I am a bit depressed for hay feverGehogejo


Well this time is an introduction of the new product in February!

1/700 Special series № 68 EX-3

Japan Navy heavy cruiser Maaya (with etching parts).

Reproduce the figure at the time of the battle off Leyte with precision parts that can detail up!

Etching parts that are only available with this kit are included!


It becomes a ship model with superior detail reproducibility by detailed part division and delicate sculpture expression.

The product reproduces the figure at the time of the battle of Leyte who replaced the third turret in 1945 with a high angle cannon,

On both sides, we placed three 12-centimeter consecutive high-angle guns and reproduced the figure with the No. 21 Electric Search on the front mast and the No. 22 Electric Search on the bridge fleet.


This is the attached etching parts !Glitter

Etching parts include handrails, rutals, cranes, exploring light pedestals, aircraft decks and so on.


1/700 Special series № 68 EX-3

Japan Navy heavy cruiser Maaya (with etching parts),

The shipping schedule is 27thNico Nico