March New product Haruna Next article!

1/700 Ship NEXT Series No.15

Japan Navy Battleship Haruna Showa 19th Strategy Kenichi

It is the progress condition of.Nico Nico

Because it is a ship NEXT series, it is a snap fit type design that does not require glue.

The motif of the product is Haruna at the time of Operation Kenichi.

Illustrations of Mr. Yoshihara Mikiya will be introduced.

It is one without trimming before it does not become a package.


I will also introduce some of the test shots.

(Please understand that it may differ from product mass production time.)

Of course, it will be molded in each color during mass production.

For example,

Gray is Sasebo Factory color

Wood deck color

Linoleum color

Ship's bottom color

Screw propeller gold

Black of chimney

Dark green color of a watercraft

And, the bridge window contains clearly molded parts.

Release is early March!

It is a begging anniversary.A lol


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