We will also be in one festival this time! We are waiting at 2-24!

Finally, at the end of this week, one festival is also approaching

I am busy preparing!

The booth is 2 – 24 . Please come by all meansheart




New product announced at one festival of last summer

Do you remember?


We will deliver a little more on this one's festival!

The 99 type self-propelled 155 mm howitzer guns ahead of release in April

This time exhibition parts painted finished products are also released!

Only parts of 99 ceremonies can be seen by your hand for this timeGlitter

Light armored mobile vehicles will be on sale in March!

Completed products scheduled to be posted on the package will be exhibited at the One Fest site one foot before the endWhistle

Nagato released last December

Finished products will be exhibited.

Please enjoy until the shaping of the first partnote


And here as well

It is 1/200 Battleship Yamato bridge which I released in December.

Daiwa reproduced to details with repeated investigation

Since last time was on the prototype stage of development

I'd love to! Please come and see.




There may be follow-ups …

And maybe you can see the real thing …Grin

The answer is at the venue!!

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