the kit will be out today for sale on the hobby shops

Plastic model
Limited item
With 3D print parts
special version
F-14B Tomcat "VF-103 Jolly Rogers" w / High Detail Nozzle Parts
Scale … 1:72 
product number ……… SP399 Our company shipping … 2019 February 07 (on sale) release day …… around 02 February 2019 main unit price… 4800 yen (+ consumption tax)

Engine nozzle of ultra precision expression by 3D printing (opened state) × 2 comes with! 
※ The parts are molded in one piece. It becomes unpainted state.
Decal (Marking)

  • US Navy aircraft carrier USS John F. Kennedy 
    rd battle fleet "Jolly Rogers" flight captain "AA 103" (2004)
  • CAG machine "AA 100" (2004)

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