Platts Wonder Festival 2019 Winter 10/02/2019

Wonder Festival 2019 Winter Exhibition · Merchandise Information

This year Platts will also exhibit at Wonder Festival (One Festival) 2019 [Winter] at the joint booth of Platts and Frieds, Pacific Racing Team. 

This time we will advance sales of OVA work "Battle Fairy Yukikaze" related products !! 

Also, selling related products such as "Kotobuki Squadron of the Wilderness", a highly noteworthy animation broadcasting from January, and popular Girls & Panzer related Many items such as merchandise and goods, Himune and magazine related products, related products of girls' last trip etc. are sold as well! 

All-you-can-eat sale of junk parts and junk items etc. of popular popularity, content of talk show etc. Enrichment! 

【Date and time】: February 10 (Sunday) 
【Place】 Makuhari Messe International Exhibition Hall 
【Booth Number】 2-05 
Platts / Frieds / Pacific Racing Team Please 
see the special page for details.

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