One-festival announcement product – ship edition

One festas successfully ended!  !

Thank you to everyone who came to the booth!

This time new product announcement of angry waves I had aupA lol


We will also introduce to everyone who could not come!

First [ship volume]


◯ 1/700 Special Series Yamato 

Fujimi model is developing a special series 1/700 scale precision ship kit

We have released Yamato and Musashi so far, but we will reshape it from blank paper by research, design, completely new mold! 

With this, reflection of new information, error part is gone and it is complete.


◯ Equipment to collect 1/200 Battleship Yamato Central

1/200 scale Following the Yamato bridge, chimneys, masts and rear bridge are commercialized!

We are dedicated to development under the schedule of June!  !


◯ 1/700 Ship NEXT Shozo

◯ 1/700 warship NEXT 瑞 鶴

The ship NEXT series will finally commercialize the aircraft carrier Xianglang type.

 Shozuru is a No. 1 operation – At the time of the naval battle off Mariana

Mizukuru is a strategy of the Kiichi issue ~ At the time of the naval battle off the Emgano

Designing while conducting elaborate research! looking forward to!


◯ 1/700 warship NEXT Tama

〇 1/700 Ship NEXT Herma

Here also appears in the NEXT series ship!

Kuma is the appearance when it returned from gray to camouflage in the latter half of Showa 17 in the Northern Fleet

Tama is the decoy together with Ruisuru in October 1959 as the last sortie

Development in progress!


◯ 1/700 light cruiser long type

This is continuing development from the previous announcement!

I was waiting for the next report!


◯ Maritime Self-Defense Force

◯ Maritime Self Defense Force Kurishima

A series of Maritime Self-Defense Forces that began deploying in 1/3000 series

Appeared on 1/700 scale!

First of all, the first ship of the Konjo type

Product No. 2 Sharp Kirishima commercialized!


◯ 1/700 Special Series Suzuya

◯ 1/700 Special Series Kumano

◯ 1/700 Special series best

◯ 1/700 Special Series Mikuma

Heaven 's four best – sized four ships are developed in special series!

This will appear in the second half of this year!

Please wait for the next report!


Introduced at a stretch, new products are pushingSurprised MarkSurprised Mark

We will inform you of information from time to time

Please look forward to itup