Car NEXT series! Jimny in 2019!

Hello, my name is Mei!

In one festival, many people come to Fujimi booth

Thank you very muchheart



Today I announced it at the venue

New products of car NEXT series

I will introduce it again.


Jimny's first stage is 23 seriesGlitter

That's not all! !


The 2nd and 3rd stages are 64 type, 74 type.

Here we use the new model released last year as a motif.




Car NEXT Series color plastic in unnecessary paint

It is a kit without a need for a snap fit design !


Body with lustrous appearance wet with molded color points

And G – grade will appear in Husler being on sale soon!

Visor, Wheel for Monocular Camera


That car that I wanted to make, I seem to be able to use it to reproduce that car …BlunderOtome's Tokimeki




Currently released


Hustler G

Jimny 23 series

Jimny Type 64

Jimny 74 type


We plan to release in the order of.



Continuing news at any time from Fujimi HP, blog, Twitter

I will inform you

Please continue checkingheart



Well, next time

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