UPDATE FROM voyagermodel //TAKOM's Panther D-type rescue vehicle is the third kit manufacturer on the market. It was only Italy and MENG.

Italy has a long history and the details are seriously insufficient. MENG's related kits are also new products not long ago. In contrast, the design concepts of the two companies are different, but the quality of TAKOM is stronger than that of MENG, but the lack of TAKOM is only the state of the G tool holder, and The vehicle width indicator and the 20MM cannon part of the front are reduced, and MENG can choose the two states of the maintenance car (we also have the relevant modifications of the MENG PE35969 and PE35970). In addition to the above omissions, the details and internal structure of the TAKOM They are all worthy of praise. The details of the research are correct. Here are a few of the winning places, the taillights, the maintenance platform rail brackets, the debris box details in the maintenance platform, etc., all of which are the places to be done. And the whole internal structure can perfectly display the disassembly structure of the real car, which is very worthwhile. In general, the design concepts of the two companies are different. MENG focuses on playing and external performance. The internal structure belongs to the basic visual system. TAKOM is the internal structure system, and the part of the hanger is the replacement design. Non-playing design. The modified parts are based on the size of TAKOM. The maximum refinement of the external structure, the hinge of the maintenance platform, the self-rescue wooden frame and other details are faithfully restored to the movable structure, which increases the fun of playing, the chain on the maintenance platform, the cannon, and the wide rod. The missing parts of the kit are also added one by one. The side skirts are also perfect for disassembly and are the best choice for fine-tuning this kit. PE35980 World War II German Panther D-type rescue vehicle late style (G-type tool holder) modification parts TAKOM 2101 PEA429 World War II German Leopard D/A tank side skirt dress deck modification parts TAKOM VBS0523 World War II German 20mm Kw.K38 L50 gun group universal

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