We will introduce the new products shipped today! 1/700 NX 7 Japan Navy Battleship King Kong

Pedestal renewal with new design!Surprised

Battleship Kanji who did the most outstanding activity in 12 battleships possessed by the Japanese Navy! 
King Geumgang Battleship No. 1 "Kanji" was built in the UK with the world's first 36 cm mounted cannon,

After two renovations, I participated in major battle of the Pacific War. 
Making full use of his promptness, he has been active in various ways from the Raiders of the aircraft carrier unit to the artillery of land facilities.

In November 1945, it was sunk by a submarine stroke in the Taiwan Strait.

As the first time limited, a plate engraved with wood deck pattern and strip pattern is included!

Please do make it, please decorate and enjoyChu



And …

It is an announcement about 1/700 upgrade parts .


The current form and specification sales will be limited to stock.

Future plans are to produce spot products .

We will change packing style · combination of contents and will guide and supply sequentially as new products.


Thank you very much.

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